4/21/2005-Jarrett Luttrell and Nick Meyers(tele) descend the West face route of Uncompahgre Peak. Check out Jarrett Luttrell's TR at: http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=5553&parmuser=Easy+Rider&s=25&np=3&cpgm=tripuser
5/27/2007-Erik Kling, Tom Courtright, and
Steve Pulford(skier) climb the south east ridge and descend the southeast face of Uncompahgre Peak.
5/22/2010-Jeffrey Miller, Ryan O'Kuinghttons(skier) and Emily Allen(skier), and Adobe(dog) climb and descend the west face.  Check out Jeffrey's trip report at http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=8108&parmpeak=Wetterhorn+Peak&cpgm=tripmain&ski=Only  .
5/15/2011- Zach Taylor, Jim Holva, Marc Manko, and Joel Paula (skier) climb and descend the west couloir of Uncompahgre.  Check out Zach's trip report at http://www.zachtaylorsnowboarding.com/Uncompahgre-Peak.html  .
Uncompahgre Peak  14,309'
photo:Steve Pulford(skier) and Tom Courtright hike towards Uncompahgre Peak, photo by Erik Kling, 2007.
  Uncompahgre Peak is the highest peak in the San Juan mountain range and the sixth highest peak in Colorado.  It sits next to the Wetterhorn and above Matterhorn and Nellie Creeks.  Uncompahgre offers several snowboard descents.  The west face is a classic, moderate descent as is the southeast face.  The south fin couloir that cuts off of the west face descent offers a very steep descent as well.  Uncompahgre also has the only unclimbed big mountain face on a 14er in Colorado.  It is the north face.  This nine hundred foot high face is notoriously rotten and steep
photo- A look at the west face of Uncompahgre with the Matterhorn pictured in the foreground.  photo by Jarrett Luttrell, 2005
photo-Emily Allen(left) and Jeffrey Miller(right) at the trailhead to Uncompahgre.  Adobe(dog) pictured to far right.  photo by Ryan O'Kuinghttons, 2010
photo- Marc Manko riding the west couloir of Uncompahgre Peak.  photo by Zach Taylor, 2011.
photo- Jim Holva climbing the west couloir of Uncompahgre Peak.  photo by Zach Taylor, 2011.
photo- Jim Holva and Joel Paula (skier) getting ready to ride the west couloir of Uncompahgre.  photo by Zach Taylor, 2011.
photo-Zach Taylor on the summit of Uncompahgre Peak.  Not quite a summit descent (but close).  photo by Joel Paula, 2011.