6/12/2004- Erik Kling, solo, climbed and rode the North face of Mt. Wilson down into Navajo Basin for a total vertical descent of 2100'
5/5/2010- Jarrett Luttrell and Tim Halbakken(skier) climb the Slate Creek cirque and descend the upper Slate Creek Cirque to the Boxcar couloir.  Check out Jarrett's trip report at http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=7873 .
Mt. Wilson  14,246'
picture: a view of Mt. Wilson and El Diente,. photo courtesy of Erik Kling.
  Mt. Wilson overlooks the cirty of Telluride in the western end of the San Juan mountain range.  It is one of the steeper, more dangerous 14ers in Colorado.  There are several steep descents via the north face and the east face(Slate Creek cirque and Boxcar couloir).  Like the Bells or Pyramid all routes on this peak involve difficult routefinding, steep terrain, and rockfall hazards.  The snowboard descents here are classic and technical.  Any descent of Mt. Wilson is an accomplishment.
photo-Jarrett Luttrell climbing the summit ridge of Mt. Wilson, photo by Mike Halbakken, 2010
photo- A look at the east face of Mt. Wilson.  The box car couloir is the line on looker's left and the Slate Creek line is on lookers right.  photo by Jarrett Luttrell, 2010