Mt. Bross is a relatively gentle, rolling mountain that sits in the Mosquito range just south of Hoosier pass near Breckenridge, Colorado.  Mountaineers often poke fun at Bross for being easy but is does offer a few decent snowboard descents, the east slopes from Moose Creek and the S- Gully from Kite Lake. 
4/24/2001-Jarrett Luttrell climbs the east ridge and descends into Moose Creek.  His TR is at .
5/5/2004-Erik Kling climbs the East Ridge and descends into Moose Creek.
4/19/2009- Marc Barella, Carl Dowdy (skier), Ben Conners (skier), Caroline Moore (skier), and Bill Middlebrook (skier)climb Bross via its east slopes.  Marc, Carl, and Ben descend Bross into the Cameron ampitheatre while Bill and Caroline descend back down the east gully.  Check out Ben's trip report at
5/17/2009-Zach Taylor skins up and rides down the S-Couloir above Kite Lake solo.  Check out his trip report at .
Mount Bross  14,172'
photo-A view of Mount Bross and the west facing S-Couloir. photo by Zach Taylor, 2009.
photo- a look down into the S-Couloir from the top of Bross. photo by Zach Taylor, 2009.
photo- a view of the east face of Mt. Bross, photo by Erik Kling, 2004.