5/14/2006-Jarrett Luttrell descends the North Couloir.  His TR is at http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=5575&parmuser=Easy+Rider&np=3&cpgm=tripuser .
6/22/2008-Erik Kling and Tom Courtright descend the North Couloir.
8/7/2009-Zach Taylor, Mark Manko, and Ben Koelker(skier) summit via the Northeast ridge and descend the Montezuma Glacier(not a summit descent). Check out Zach's trip report at http://www.zachtaylorsnowboarding.com/Castle_Peak.html .
5/17/2010- Barrows Worm and Adam Reiner descend the North Couloir or Castle Peak.  Check out Adam's trip report at http://splitboard.com/talk/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8900   .
Castle Peak  14,265'
photo- A view of the North Face of Castle Peak and the upper Montezuma Glacier.  pictured: ZachTaylor(left) and Mark Manko(right). photo by Ben Koelker, 2009.
photo-Mark Manko descending the Montezuma Glacier with Zach Taylor pictured foreground.  photo by Ben Koelker, 2009.
photo-happy riders on the summit of Castle peak,pictured from left to right-Mark Manko, Zach Taylor, Ben Koelker, photo by Ben Koelker, 2009.
photo-Zach Taylor(left) and Mark Manko(right,distant) descending the lower Montezuma Glacier on Castle Peak, photo by Ben Koelker, 2009.
photo-Tom Courtright descending the tattered remains of the North Couloir in late June.  photo by Erik Kling, 2008.
photo- A look at the north face of Castle Peak.  snowboarder pictured on face is Adam Reiner.  photo by Barrows Worm, 2010
photo- Adam Reiner descending the north face of Castle.  photo by Barrows Worm, 2010