Maroon Peak snowboard descents to date:
-Jason Troth reportedly did this descent at an earlier date.  We are investigating and will update this when we recieve more information.
5/15/2000-Jarrett Luttrell, descent of Bellcord earliest known snowboard descent of the Bellcord Couloir, He did not descend from the summit, just the top of the Couloir. Check out his trip report at
5/10/2001- Jarrett Luttrell via southwest face. check out his trip report and more photos at .
May 2007- Zach Taylor with Ricardo Moreno Conto(skier) via the Bellcord Couloir.  Not a summit descent, only from the top of the couloir.
May 2008-Matt Primomo does a snowboard descent of the East Couloir on Maroon Peak for Sweetgrass productions.  This never makes it to film since the lighting was bad.
6/21/2008- Marc Barella and Carl Dowdy(skier) climb and descend the east face of Maroon peak.  Check out Carl's trip report at  .
Maroon Peak 14,156'
pictures- lower- Zach Taylor near the top of the Bellcord Coulior on Maroon Peak, upper-Zach Taylor riding the Bellcord Couloir as well. both May 2007.
the southwest face of Maroon Peak, photo by Jarrett Luttrell, 2001.
  The Maroon Bells are one of the most photographed mountain massifs in Colorado.  South Maroon Peak is the highest of the twin summits.  It is the summit to climber's left when looking at them from Maroon Lake.  These peaks are full of loose rock and steep avalanche terrain.  The Bells are two of the most dangerous peaks to climb or snowboard in Colorado.  Many people die on these routes. 
They are also one of the most beautiful peaks in Colorado with several classic, steep, extreme snowboard descents.  Jason Troth is reported to have done the first snowboard descent of this peak well before 2000 when he gave Jarrett Lettrell route beta regarding this route for Jarrett's subsequent descent.  We would very much like to hear about any more snowboard descents of this peak.  The Bellcord couloir/east face route is often skied or snowborded.  The east couloir is also a viable line from Maroon Lake.  Both of the lines are steep and very avalanche prone in the spring due to these slopes being sunny and east facing.  The southwest face also offers a steep descent with a longer approach but less sun.
photo- A look at Jarrett Luttrell's basecamp in Fravert Basin.  photo by Jarrett Luttrell, 2001