North Eolus is the lower summit of the Eolus massif.  It is not an "official" 14 but does offer good riding in a remote wilderness setting, it sits in the heart of the rugged San Juan mountains. 
5/27/2009- Erik Kling, Tom Courtright, and Patrick Kelley (tele skier) rode North Eolus peak.  They rode the upper east face and then descended down the big southeastern bowl of North Eolus for a total vertical drop of 1900' .  This is the earliest and only recorded descent we have been able to find. 
5/15/2011- Marc Barella, Ben Conners (skier), Carl Dowdy (skier), and Matt Kamper (skier) climb and descend the east face of N Mt. Eolus.  check out Ben Conner's trip report at  .
5/10/2011- Zach Taylor and Joel Paula (skier) climb and descend the east face of North Eolus after riding the east couloir of South Eolus.  Check out Zach's trip report at .
North Eolus  14,039'
Tom Courtright dropping into the southeastern bowl of Noth Eolus. photo by Erik Kling, 2009.
photo- A view of Eolus(left) and North Eolus(right). pictured left to right: Tom Courtright, Io(dog), and Patrick Kelley(skier) after descending Windom peak. photo by Erik Kling, 5/26/2009.
photo- Zach Taylor on the summit of North Eolus just before descending the east face.  S. Eolus is pictured in the background.
photo- Marc Barella climbing towards N Eolus's summit.  photo by Ben Conners, 2010.