6/13/2004-Erik Kling(solo) rode the east central couloir of the North face after a short traverse on the upper North face. This is the earliest recorded descent of El Diente to date.
4/19/2010-Jarrett Luttrell climbs and descends the "Organ Pipe Detour and Northwest Couloir".  This is believed to be the first snowboard descent of this line.  Check out Jarrett Luttrell's trip report at http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=7833&parmuser=Easy+Rider&np=3&cpgm=tripuser  .  Here is a link to an article Frank Konsella wrote regarding Jarrett's first descent of this line:  http://14erskiers.com/blog/2010/06/14er-evolution-and-el-dientes-luttrell-line/  .
El Diente 14,159'
picture: a view of El Diente and Mt. Wilson. photo courtesy by Erik Kling
photo- A look at the northwest face of El Diente.  photo courtesy of Jarrett Luttrell, by Google Earth, 2010
photo- A look at Jarrett Luttrell's tracks in the northwest couloir of El Diente, 2010
  El Diente sits just to the west of Mt. Wilson in the western edge of the San Juan mountains.  It is typical of Colorado San Juan peaks; steep, rugged, remote and littered with loose rock.