5/17/2008-Erik Kling, Tom Courtright, Steve Pulford(tele), Io(dog), and Hank(dog) meet up with Brittany Walker(skier) and Frank Konsella(skier) in the predawn darkness of North Cottonwood Creek and skin up Hornfork basin to the summit of Mt. Harvard.  They all descend the south face.  This descent was the last of the 14er descents for Frank Konsella.  On this day he became the 4th person to ski down all of Colorado's 14ers.  Brittany Walker is also the person leading the charge to be the first woman to ski all of the 14ers.  She is trailed closely by her friend, Pam Rice who was not on this trip.  Check out Frank and Brittany's website at www.14erskiers.com .
edit:since this was written Christy Mahon became the first woman to ski the 14ers.  Brittany and Pam are both close to completing this goal now.
5/25/2008-Jarrett Luttrell descends the south face of Mt. Harvard.  His TR is at http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=5580 .
Mt. Harvard  14,420'
photo-Tom Courtright, Io(white dog), and Hank(black dog) approach the South face of Mt. Harvard(pictured in background right). photo by Erik Kling, 2008.
photo- Steve Pulford(tele) and Io(dog) get ready to descend the South face of Mt. Harvard. photo by Erik Kling, 2008.
photo- pictured left to right: Brittany Walker(skier), Frank Konsella(skier), Erik Kling, and Steve Pulford(tele) hanging out on the summit of Harvard.  This was taken just before Frank Konsella skied the south face of Harvard becoming the fourth skier to complete all the 14ers.  photo by Tom Courtright, 2008.
photo- Tom Courtright getting ready to descend the South face of Mt. Harvard. photo by Erik Kling, 2008.