San Luis peak is "probably the least climbed of Colorado's 14ers" according to Gerry Roach in his 14ers guidebook.  This peak is a long hike in but has very little in the realm of interesting climbing so it is not visited often.  A few people have done snowboard descents of it via the Yawner gullies since at least 2005. 
-5/10/2005-Jarrett Luttrell rides the Yawner gullies.  This is the first recorded descent of San Luis peak that we are aware of. check out Jarrett's trip report at
-5/5/2008-5/6/2008- Zach Taylor and Mike Bannister(skier) rode the Yawner Gullies.
-5/28/2008- Erik Kling and Tom Courtright descended the Yawner as well. check out Erik's trip report at
*When Erik Kling was on this summit he reported the following in his trip report: "Unfortunately, it was here that I signed my name in the summit register directly under a fellow whose 14er snowboard descents rivalled my a lot. Marc Marceaux of Superior CO, claimed San Luis as his 47th on May 11.
Damn. (San Luis was my 34th).
Oh Well. We can still do what we came here to do."
This is very interesting as we have not been able to find Marc Marceaux but if this is interpreted to be his 47 14er snowboard descent, he would probably be in the lead to be the first snowboarder to finish all the 14ers.  Can anyone put us in contact with him?  Zach
San Luis Peak  14,014'
photo:San Luis peak and the Yawner gullies, photo by Jarrett Luttrell, 2005
photo- A view of the Yawner Gullies.  photo by Erik Kling, 2008.
Tom Courtright on the summit ridge of San Luis about to drop into the Yawner Gullies, photo by Erik Kling, 2008.