5/09/2010-  Jarrett Luttrell climbed and snowboarded the east face/secret chute ski route of Capitol Peak.  He is accompanied by skiers Jordan White, Brittany Walker, and Matt Kamper  This is the first snowboard descent of Capitol Peak.  This is one of the most difficult and dangerous lines that has been skied in Colorado.  Here is Jarrett's detailed trip report of this descent:  http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=7905&parmpeak=Capitol+Peak&cpgm=tripmain&ski=Include
6/11/2011- Marc Barella, Carl Dowdy(skier), and Mike Bean (skier) climbed the standard route and descended the east face/secret chute route.  Mike's trip report is at
 http://throughpolarizedeyes.com/2011/06/capitol-peak-ski-descent/  .
     During the summer months 14er climbers often debate which of several 14ers, including Capitol Peak, is the hardest to climb.  When the 14ers are covered in snow there is no question as to which 14er is the hardest to snowboard or ski down.  Capitol.  The descent route descends off the summit of Capitol to the east traverses the east face heading south to a rappel station that gives access to the Secret Chute and the lower mountain.  Above the Secret Chute the pitch angle is consistantly in the mid 50s and traverses above hundred to thousand foot cliffs the entire time.  Any slip on the upper mountain is pretty much fatal.  This is the most difficult snowboard descent done on a 14er to date.   
photo Mike ______ and Marc Barella climbing towards Capitol's summit.  photo by Carl Dowdy, 2011
photo- Marc Barella riding the east face of Capitol.  photo by Carl Dowdy, 2011
photo-Jarrett Luttrell in the Pierre Lakes Basin below Capitol peak.  photo by Jordan White, 2011.
photo- Marc Barella and Carl Dowdy (skier) contemplating their fate high on Capitol.  photo by Mike Bean, 2011.
photo- Jarrett Luttrell climbing towards Capitol.  photo by Jordan White, 2011
photo- Carl Dowdy (skier, left) and Marc Barella (right) climbing Capitol Peak before their descent.  photo by Mike Bean, 2011.
photo- Mike Bean (skier) and Marc Barella hiking up Capitol Creek on their way to climb Capitol Peak,  photo by Carl Dowdy, 2011.
Capitol Peak  14,130'
photo- A look at the east face of Capitol Peak.  The primary descent line of this peak is marked by the dotted red line.  photo by Jordan White, 3/21/2009
photo- Jarrett Luttrell on the summit of Capitol Peak just moments before making the first snowboard descent of Capitol.  photo by JC White, 2010